Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Um Discography Part ?: Um For Middle Class (front cover)

At some point around this time I read about this interesting-sounding band from Wisbech in The Wire, which seemed a bit unlikely. Next thing I know Jason Freeboy is collaring me and saying "I've been sent this weird CD from Wisbech that I ought to pass onto you..."
I was like: "Is it Pence Eleven?"
I told Mad Andy about it, and I think he even sent a postcard to Nathan, but somehow a link was forged, and in next to no time we were some kind of pals and I was sending a CD of random speculative stuff for an Um release on Middle Class Records. And then extremely quickly after that it was released pretty much the the same as I'd sent it, even though it was more or less all strange reel-to-reel stuff, and even though there were only 5 or 10 copies

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