Thursday, October 12, 2006

When yr 14-16

About a month ago I drank a bottle of wine and found myself Googling for my African Secondary School. That whole period of my life stopped dead in 1986 and the further I get away from it the more unanchored and weird I feel about it, because there's just no continuity - nobody I know shares the experience, and although I did go back once in 1992, I met next to nobody that I'd known while I was there. I even felt it would be too weird to try. In fact I saw a girl from my class in the chemist and it kind of made me freak out. I couldn't possibly have introduced myself. It would have been like a ghost going up to shake hands. Anyway, me signing the guest book with my email has resulted this week in every other sender's name in my inbox being one that I shared register space with in the period 1984-1986, and it is mucho bizarro, I can tell you.

It's funny, but I recall all the people in the snap above as being more or less adults.


Simon said...

Can I ask what was the situation that resulted in you spending this time in Africa? Military/Marriage/New Life in the Sun etc.

RichardSkween said...

My Dad grew up in Midsomer Norton in the 50s.