Friday, November 24, 2006

Bumskipper 7 released today.

Bumskipper # 7 sleevenotes by Pete Um

  1. Sound

The central chunk of lyrics for this were sourced from a schoolgirl’s biology exercise book. Her homework was to explain what sound consists of and how we hear it. As soon as I mentioned schoolgirls Man From Uranus popped over to donate some keys. Thanks Phil.

  1. Get Out Of (Dodge)

This is a cowboy song. You can almost hear him slopping around in the saddle. There is neither rest nor welcome for him or his horse, but this way of life has its own rewards.

  1. Blessing For Cervix

Some off the cuff looping action meant to bless cervixes for luck.

  1. Water Buffalo

We used to have a buffalo’s skull next to the pool. I’m guessing you didn’t.

  1. Ambulance.

This one’s been hanging around for ages and should have been on Giraffe Outtakes, chronologically speaking. Mortality/hypochondria/fear of flying etc. It takes place in an airport departure lounge.

I can’t help myself

I’ve fallen on my shoulder

On airport seating

I’m mortal at Mach 2

And I need somebody

Like you, to help me out

Come closer as I breathe,

My last words to you:



  1. They Made Me Market Myself.

The trouble with art for art’s sake is that it’s virtually impossible, in practical terms, for various reasons. Art and money are like an old married couple who loathe each other, but cannot separate.

  1. Big Weight (Can’t Travel About).

For some reason it sounds like I’m saying “Big Pete, can’t travel about…” which is true enough. This is one of those generalised, non-specific, bear-with-a-sore-head type of Um songs about the fuckedness of the Um situation. The Kate is Tunstall.

  1. Insurgents.

The video for this would be filmed from the back of a speeding pick-up truck on an Iraqi highway, with occasional passing vehicles.

  1. Foreign Boy

Some plain-speaking, or moaning, I suppose. That’s Christoforou at the start!

  1. Don’t Lose Your Shape.

Be true to thyself, and be good to yourself too.

  1. Cockertone.

This was entirely created in the back of a Bedford Auto Sleeper camper van on a very hot day. Syd on vox and disingenuousness.

  1. Our Shared Toilet.

You know how objects can begin to stand for ideas, and how when you’re taking a leak you end up staring at the same thing each time, like the cover of a magazine, and it becomes a bit wearisome?

  1. The Man Who Lived Too Slow.

Been smoking too long.

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mfu said...

schoolgirls? where? Glad you got a new bumskipper.