Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Transmission Failure


Come this Thursday, beginning at 8PM GMT and ending at 10PM GMT, Pete Um and Man From Uranus will be hosting a radio show on 209 Radio, and it is here.(click on "schedule" on the menu bar and then hunt for a link to the stream, and don't ever give up)

Here is a trailer for it (the show).

If you want to email the show then do it like this: transmission@209radio.co.uk

Although the show is invisible it will be illustrative of the fact that though the Um/Uranus axis hold some common views on music (the show will play all types of music and sound), namely that it is important and GREAT, there has been some difficulty in speaking with a unified voice with regards to which of the musics is the GREAT and which is not, and splits and divisions have ocurred and although this leads to heat we also get laffs, and hope you might too. It is not the point of the show to laugh at the disagreements but it might be better than the old format of the two lads agreeing or the one old man or whatever. We hope to have guests and generally make up new stuff as it goes along and we're sorry if it's a bit loose, guy.

Please tune in if you can manage.

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