Tuesday, June 05, 2007


My Mum saw Elton john in concert the other night.

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9:30am Richard Christy's Stories Of Crapping And Wanking. 6:05am Sour
Shoes As Elton John Calls In. Benjy said that he went and got a colonic
and the people he got it from knew Robin because she used to get the
Jules said that today is Melanoma Monday and everyone should go to the
doctor to get their moles checked to see if they're cancerous.
7:15am Nicole Sheridan Has Phone Sex With Governor Schwarzenegger? Jeff
said he's on his way home now and he will check himself into the
hospital when he gets home.
6:45am Eric The Midget Needs A Job.
Jules know that they're going to go back and admit him to the medical
center so he can get treatment for that mess on his ass.
Robin said that she used to have a lot of carrots come out of her. He
lifted up his shirt and still had hanging skin.
Howard said Levy was eating some chick's ass up on stage. Benjy tried to
speak but his mouth was dry from not drinking any water.
Jules said that there are some people out there who can go through stuff
like that and live no problem while other people go through similar
things and die trying to fight it. Howard had Scott the Engineer get on
the scale and he came in at 213 pounds.
Jason started out at 271 pounds and weighed in at 212 this week.
Artie said he did figure out the best way to possibly get laid while
he's out on the road.
He didn't get into details. The guys said he was really out of it from
starving himself. 8:15am Joey Buttafuocco Calls In. Benjy was acting
weird so the guys pointed that out and said it looked like he was on
speed or something. Robin said Benjy looked crazy this morning and he
was acting crazy as well. 10:15am WednesdayThursday Various Bits, Clips
And Song Parodies.
8:45am Imus Lawsuit Discussions.
Jeff was yelling at Dr. Brian asked him how it felt to be meth'd out but
Benjy said it's just not right to accuse him of something like that.
He didn't get into details. 9:30am Howard 100 News And Wrap Up Show
Tim Sabean wasn't there but everyone knew he didn't have a chance of
winning. Jules when he was trying to tell him he needs to go back to the
hospital this week.
7:00am Lisa G's Howard 100 News Preview.
10:15am WednesdayThursday Various Bits, Clips And Song Parodies.
Brian Phelan from Howard TV was first up. Artie said he had about 5
girls up in his hotel room that night down there in Miami.


mfu said...

Didnt understand the other stuff, but your mum seeing Elton John is funny

RichardSkween said...

Yup, it's fucked.