Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Um Discography Continues: Autumn Clearout Vol. 1 (front cover)

Thimitris reckons some Greek freaks are looking to buy some rare-ass Um so I'm going to try and finish off the discography. Guess it should all be in one place but hey-ho...

Yeah, Autumn Clearout was originally "released" on one cassette but Bone Idol split it into two volumes for the CD. With hindsight it's easy to see that it could have easily been trimmed of a few songs to make a single volume, especially since it took quite a bit of work to make, and only 10 of Vol. 1 and 5 of Vol. 2 were made! I think this was all mastered from cassette too, even though there were digital masters of some of the tracks.

Vlad did the front cover artwork, of which I am particularly fond. If you don't know Vlad you might know of his brother, who some call Gabba Dave.

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