Monday, August 28, 2006

UM MFU Remixes

Ages ago I fished out an old reel to reel tape and threaded it onto my TEAC, hoping to do some of the trademark Pete Um twat jazz. I pressed play just to see what I was going to be taping over, and remained there for the next twenty minutes wondering what this weird bloopy music was. Eventually it occurred to me that it sounded a little like The Man From Uranus, which of course it bloody was. He must have given me an old tape at some point and I'd forgotten about it. Anyway this inspired a rather pointless remix project where I played his tape at random speeds and added some FX and gratuitous wildlife recordings. It's still basically the MFU though, so if it sounds good or bad I really can't be blamed.


Oh yeah, Adrian Bronson is on cello.

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