Friday, March 09, 2007

Bumskipper 8 released today.

Um Bumskipper 8

The Loukas Extract.

I haven’t actually heard The Caretaker, but this is how I imagine it sounds.


If the future is a jackboot stamping on a human face forever then the only potential crumb of comfort is that they cannot make us want to be dominated or destroyed. Our fascist overlords can bend us to their will but our eyes will betray the fact that our humanity is essentially sovereign.


This is about being taken to another place.

My Fatal Floor.

Sometimes it can be hard to live up to oneself after midnight round mine.

Offworld Labour.

Soundtrack to construction/engineering project in space.

Andy Likes The Ducks.

Music to watch ducks by, or watch someone watching ducks, with the sun in your eyes.

Sick Tune.

If we had to sing an anthem for our race we would look like Frank Lampard moving his lips about uncertainly during God Save The Queen, much less get it in tune.

Drunk Ghost.

This one has a light touch.

This End.

More interrogation of the art and the artist by the artist and his art, with teasing and confusion.


Did you see that thing on TV where Dan Cruickshank visited some Ethiopian monastery and the priest let him have a quick gander at an ancient religious text which seemed to point to the role of psilocybin mushrooms in the visions of the first Christians?

Wriggle On.

Tribal acid theme for movement.


Theme for cultivated spot, a la Voltaire.


You would have thought that Phil and I knew better.

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I know better butter, and i know the best butt, but I dont know no better