Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We appreciate your chickens.

We appreciate your chickens

Nachgesalzen und Raag wrote:

Dear UM,

Great are your stories

They are excellent and first class

We are a group of visual artists called Blaumeise in Braunschweig

We collect chickens on paper. That means we incite people to draw chickens

on paper and sent it to us. We then show the drawing on our website.

You can draw one, two or more chickens. ….. please …...please

We appreciate your chickens

We are currently trying to create a gallery for prominent people, the " Promi-netten"

There is lack of such dignity on the site.


Thank you

Three times Kikerike


Nachgesalzen und Raag wrote:

Dear UM ,

thats a great Zettelhuhn … thanx …

you can see it :


and we have LINK you :


thank you for all.

For more FUN in life …


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