Thursday, April 12, 2007

My mate in publishing got sent this.

The Jewess

By Jerome Parks

Brilliant people in conflict with brilliant people. Follow the
labyrinth of move and counter-move as Rita Adler (The Jewess) evolves
from ordinary woman to formidable adversary.



Adolph Hitler gasped for air. A low moan sounded deep in
his throat. His right hand slid up and down his erection in ever
faster movements. His left hand held a glass jar over the head of his
penis. His body suddenly spasmed against the plush of the soft leather
couch. A primeval scream partially suppressed through clenched teeth
resounded through the room. The sound was deadened by the rich
tapestries that covered the walls of the semi-dark office.
Still breathing heavily, the leader of the Third Reich held
the jar up to a light and studied the sticky substance slowly sliding
down the insides of the container. He stood, screwed the cap into
place and set the jar on his desk next to the untouched photographs of
nude women in various provocative poses. He forced his still
semi-erect penis into his pants and buttoned his fly. He looked down
to see if his clothes were in proper array. Satisfied, he bent over
and picked up the picture of his mother that had fallen from his lap
during the final moment of ecstasy. He slid the picture into the
inside breast pocket of his tunic making sure it was deeply seated. He
then pressed a buzzer and left the room.
Moments later, Colonel Ludwig Schmidt, wearing the uniform
of the elite SS guard, entered and gathered the photographs. He placed
them in an envelope that had been lying on the desk. The envelope was
marked "TOP SECRET" in bold red letters across its front and back. The
Colonel then took the jar and placed it in an insulated steel?cased
box packed with dry ice. He closed the cover and secured it with a
heavy brass lock. From his pocket he removed a small candle and
cigarette lighter. After lighting the candle he held it so that the
hot wax dripped into the keyhole and the surrounding area of the lock.
He then pressed the face of a signet ring he was wearing against the
still soft wax. He then left the room taking the envelope and the box
with him.


The submarine's periscope cleaved the warm waters of the
Caribbean Sea exposing no more than two feet of camouflaged metal
above the lapping waves. It slowly rotated, scanning the horizon
through the splash caused by the mild tropical winds. The bright
moonlight made the lone freighter on the horizon stand out in bold
"Down periscope," the Captain said, smartly folding the
handle bars. He turned to the young blond militarily erect man dressed
in ordinary seaman's clothes and said, "Come Colonel Schmidt, let us
go to my quarters and go over the plans for transferring the personnel
to the freighter."
Sitting at the steel planning desk in the cramped quarters
the Captain faced the Colonel and said, "It is no secret the war is
going badly. The Allies are dominating the sea lanes and I have grave
doubts about my ability to get this sub and its crew back to the
Fatherland. It is one thing to die for the Fuhrer in battle; it is
quite another to play nursemaid to a dozen pregnant women. Can you not
tell me as officer to officer what this is all about? I promise you
the information will go no further than within this room. It would
make our fate more bearable if I knew the sacrifice was of
consequential importance."
The Colonel studied the submarine's Captain across the desk
before answering. "The twelve women are pregnant with the Fuhrer's
The Captain sat dumbfounded. Finally he said,
"Gottimhimmel! How is it possible? All twelve? Why are they on this
U-boat? What is this all about?"
As he started to speak, the Colonel's voice rose from low
key to a hysterical crescendo. "As you observed, Captain, the war is
going badly. Our Fuhrer is a brilliant man. He sees far beyond the
immediacy of today's battles?won or lost. He plans only for the
ultimate domination of this globe by pure Aryans. The twelve women
represent the best of German womanhood, each the purest Aryan. Each
selected for breeding qualities of health and intelligence. Each from
families that bore predominantly male offspring.
?Through the use of eugenic selection and artificial
insemination it is the Fuhrer's plan to father a child in his own
image­. A child who would possess his genius and determination. That
child will be raised in America and ultimately rise to a position of
power. In America he will plant the seeds that will mature into the
Fourth Reich. He will become?The American Fuhrer.


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